Let's go on a journey together to help raise God's creations. Learning from one another, loving one another, and making memories along the way. It's all about creating lasting family experiences that tie us together through the ages.

Our journey at Vestal Farms began many years ago when Dick Vestal brought son #3 (out of 6 kiddos that is) to the First National Bank of Baird to sign up for his first loan. This loan was used to purchase “Silencio”, a Brahman cross, to raise for the Fort Worth Stock Show. While “Silencio” didn’t win son #3 the big money in Fort Worth, he did teach him responsibility, patience, and work-ethic while creating an environment for him to be surrounded by many positive role-models. This is the experience we believe in at Vestal Farms, and these are the memories we hope to be a part of building.


Now, son #3, also known as Andy Vestal, is proud to love on and work alongside 77 Vestals (and counting) who are striving to do God’s will everyday. He's continuing the family tradition of supporting agricultural education by using his mastery of animal reproduction to bring a new edge of genetic advancement to the cattle industry. 



Vestal Farms

Dr. Tom "Andy" & Susan Vestal


College Station. Hico. Somerville. Coleman.


Phone: 979-229-5710

Email: tvcattle@gmail.com




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